take your tech industry guilt somewhere else instead of driving up bloomington rent more. (Just because you say it isn't gentrification doesn't mean it isn't).

We don’t know what “tech industry guilt” is! But as evidenced by The Combine this past weekend, Tech is already happening in Bloomington.

As much as possible, we’ll use the sharing economy (house swapping, hosting, and subletting) to find housing, so there’s no chance our one month stay will affect the real estate market.

Summer Commune is about PEOPLE - connecting people - as much as it’s about exploring new places. Our goal is to build a network of great people, not to give towns a makeover.

We picked Bloomington because it’s already cool! We know some awesome people there. Cant wait to meet more.

In 2012, Jon & Lola traveled to Moscow, Idaho from Vancouver, BC, and spent a week camping at Daystar Organic Farms.

In 2012, Jon & Lola traveled to Moscow, Idaho from Vancouver, BC, and spent a week camping at Daystar Organic Farms.

Summer Commune 2014: Bloomington, Indiana!

Home to Lil’Bub the cat, record labels JAGJAGUWAR and Secretly Canadian, the famed Kinsey Institute, and John Cougar Mellencamp, Bloomington feels hidden away although it’s pretty centrally located. It’s far enough from the city to feel like farm country, but close enough to a major airport to make getting there super easy. And once you’re there—we’re told—you won’t have a reason to leave. (“There’s no reason to go to Indi ever,” is common advice around there.)

We had a blast on our weekend trip to Bloomington this fall, thanks in large part to the people we met there. Although college basketball has been Bloomington’s major claim to fame in the past, we found that there’s an energetic and growing community of people who are working to establish the college town’s identity apart from the university through theaterartmusic, and tech stuff. There are also some pretty tasty restaurants & fun bars, including a brewery, not to mention a food co-op, a farmer’s market, a beautiful vineyard, and a walkable downtown just outside campus.

There’s a lot going on in Bloomington — the week we were in town, rapper Danny Brown performed at the Bluebird, and bands from all over the world performed at Lotus Fest, one of Bloomington’s many, many festivals. The university is home to a renown school of music, and while the city has a permanent collection of public art along the 3.1 mile B-Line trail and throughout the city, the city also invests in local artists through multiple grant cycles a year.

Bloomington is also near a lot of places you should probably visit like Nashville, TN, and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail


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We’re excited to announce Summer Commune 2014!

Stay tuned… tomorrow. 

Summer Commune turned 2 today!

Summer Commune turned 2 today!

Our temporary intentional community from last summer got some coverage at Idealist. We gave three tips for doing it yourself….

1. Be clear about who you want to target.

They initially pitched the idea just to artists, but realized halfway through that Summer Commune would’ve been great for anyone who worked remotely or wanted to, like freelancers, small business teams, etc.

2. Write a manifesto.

While Summer Commune was always an exploratory project which they wanted to give room to breathe, having principles of community framework from the beginning would’ve helped. “We wanted it to be collaborative, but I realize now that was unrealistic,”  Nicole says. “I think people wanted a structure but they didn’t want to help build it. A lot of people felt, ‘We’re happy to be here, but what do you want from us?’”

3. Email the mayor.

Nicole and Josh were so focused on amassing a crowd to go with them that they unintentionally forgot about local outreach. When they saw how responsive Moscow was, they realized they could’ve easily gotten in touch with local government, city council, and more much earlier, possibly tapping them for budget and infrastructure help.

Here’s an MP3 from Summer Commune’s appearance on KRFP Radio Free Moscow's Every Other Sunday Show back in July, featuring STARSKATE and The Super Saturated Sugar Strings

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